What is the benefit of Facebook Watch for sellers?

Statista reports that Facebook has more than 2.5 billion monthly active users, making the platform a treasure trove of marketing potential.

Watch establishes a platform that marketers can leverage to target their videos to the most relevant audiences. Once you manage to do that, monetizing those videos is as simple as showing the right ads at the right time.

There are several ways that marketers can tap into the potential that Watch offers.

Strategically placed ads

Marketing specialists, at least those without the means to create their own television shows, will find the most value on Watch through ad placements.

Unlike your regular Facebook ads, ads placed on a Video Watch will not compete with the plethora of stories, images, and videos found on Newsfeed.

Instead, they will act similarly to the commercials you would see on television. Those who watch a certain Watch show will be shown ads without the ability to skip ads, ensuring an audience for your ads.

Watch ads are available as in-stream ads that will show pre or mid-roll. Each time an in-stream ad plays, the publisher or creator earns a portion of the resulting revenue.

The format for ad delivery is similar to that used across the platform in other areas, in videos that have a runtime of more than three minutes. Monetization on Watch was previously limited to a handful of publishers, but Facebook has since opened the platform to a broader section of users.

What’s even more exciting about Watch is the ability to monitor statistics for engagement. Watch comes with its own metric system, based on a tool that pages can use to discern loyalty ideas.

The show contains a completely new metric called “audience retention,” which will be important as content producers look for the kind of creativity that will keep their audience interested in several seasons.

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What is the benefit of Facebook Watch for sellers?
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