Defining social media: the guide you need to get results

What is your definition of social media?

More specifically, has its definition evolved?

For social media marketing success, examine these 80+ expert definitions for:

    Understand the evolution of social media platforms and the use by participants.

    Determine how to integrate social media into your overall marketing and broader business plans.

    Allocate budget and resources for activities related to social networks. This extends beyond marketing to include sales, customer service, and your business reputation.

So let’s see how the definition of social media is defined now. And, most importantly, what you must do to get results.

Marketing in social networks: how the theory evolves

To understand social media, start by reading The Cluetrain Manifesto. It was published on the web in 1999 and published as a book in 2000,

The Cluetrain Manifesto laid the foundation for social media as it has evolved. Consisting of 95 theses, it lays the foundation for social networks as a form of media, communications and marketing.

 Five of his theses define the key characteristics of social networks:

    Markets are conversations.

    Conversations among human beings sound human. They are carried out in a human voice.

    The Internet is enabling conversations between human beings that simply were not possible in the media age.

    These online conversations are allowing new powerful forms of social organization and knowledge exchange to emerge.

    As a result, markets are becoming smarter, more informed, more organized. Participation in a network market fundamentally changes people.

Translation for sellers:

When using social media, marketers can no longer send their messages and promotions.


They should speak person-to-person and omit jargon and corporate words.

Further away:

Sellers no longer control the conversation!


Participants in social media can communicate one on one, one on many and many on many.

At the same time, Seth Godin introduced Permission Marketing, because:

Customers had greater power to ignore marketing:

Since the first post of our definition of social media on May 9, 2011, social media marketing has evolved. So we decided to extensively update this post to reflect these changes.

To discover how social media and marketing professionals define social media and its role in marketing and business more broadly, we asked more than 80 experts for their definition of social media marketing.

When appropriate and still relevant, we include some of the original 30 definitions of social media from 2011. These social media definitions include a note indicating this.

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Defining social media: the guide you need to get results
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